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The new world of work

As the world looks to recover from one of the biggest shocks to the global economy in decades, it’s already become clear that simply going back to the way things were pre-Covid won’t be an option for many firms.

The sudden changes to the way companies were required to operate as a result of the pandemic – and in particular the shift to a more flexible, remote-focused business model – showcased new opportunities for firms, and many people will desire to make the changes permanent.

That’s why for a large number of businesses, the new normal in 2022 and beyond will be a hybrid workplace. This is defined as a way of working where employees can switch between a traditional office-based environment and remote working at will. A common format for this is likely to see workers spend two to three days a week in the office, with the remainder of their time at home.

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With the knowledge in mind, what do you need to do to make sure you’re ready for the new world of agile and hybrid working?

Start by analysing your current situation. Ask questions such as what areas will you need to upgrade? What issues are your employees currently having when they try to connect remotely? Is your underlying infrastructure capable of handling expected increases in users and data volumes?

A comprehensive audit of your systems will help highlight any potential weaknesses you may encounter when transitioning to a more agile workplace, while gathering opinion from the workforce on their changing expectations can also help highlight the pitfalls of failing to act, as it could cost you talent as well as business if your employees aren’t able to work flexibly and respond promptly to customer communications.

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