Rapid adoption of cloud services is leading to a new type of enterprise that’s comfortable with a ‘cloud-first’ approach, according to a new survey of IT leaders by OpsRamp.

According to the research, IT leaders are using cloud scale assumptions for business and IT investment decisions to drive greater efficiency, innovation and productivity.

The survey found that every organisation was using some type of cloud service, with 90 per cent of companies having been using public cloud for at least a year. Meanwhile, enterprise cloud adoption is also gaining traction, with 84 per cent of respondents planning to move more workloads to the cloud within the next two years.

OpsRamp found that IT practitioners are looking for help with cloud management best practices. A total of 71 per cent reported that they think they are still at the emerging or developing stages of cloud maturity, while just 29 per cent think their cloud practices have reached a state of maturity.

Meanwhile, cloud-native infrastructure is rising in importance for businesses, with 40 per cent using cloud infrastructure services for production, while 33 per cent are using cloud tech for development and testing.

The survey revealed that companies’ desire for greater flexibility and scalability is behind the rise of cloud-native infrastructure, with 62 per cent of survey respondents stating that this is the case for them.

A further 47 per cent highlighted the ability to avoid capital expenditures on hardware, software, IT support and security as the top reason for them incorporating cloud-native infrastructures. The same proportion cited usage-based pricing models that enable agile and nimble decision-making as behind their decision.

Speaking about what companies reported in the survey, Varma Kunaparaju, co-founder and chief executive of OpsRamp, said: “Cloud is becoming a bigger part of their IT portfolio, they’re likely to use more than one cloud platform, and oversight and management of cloud services is paramount.

“We expect these trends to accelerate over time, as the cost, scalability and flexibility advantages of cloud services become even more obvious.”

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