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A platform to work better together

Creating your collaborative workplace requires balance. Employees may see this in terms of work-life balance. However, implementation requires a different balance – between history and forward-thinking. Naturally, you get both with Arrow. The expertise founded on 25+ years of supporting organisations. Along with our unrivalled range of technology solutions.

Of course, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why every project starts with listening to what you want to achieve. Understanding your complexities and challenges. Identifying your opportunities and which solutions suit you best. We then apply deep analysis backed by 25+ years’ experience to create your collaboration roadmap.

Hybrid working made seamless

Enabling successful hybrid working isn’t just about re-routing phone lines. It needs a secure, company-wide platform to make every meeting and interaction more productive than the old office-based world. Which means video, audio, chat, status, file and screen sharing must be seamless, with security that empowers your users to be fearless.

  • Gain a complete, company-wide Teams Platform customised to your needs.
  • Overlay Contact Centre for all communication with customers and staff.
  • Meeting Rooms and AV to ensure productive meetings in the office and at home.
Hybrid Working

Cloud Telephony for always-on businesses

All the advantages of the cloud, with the reassuring familiarity of the phone. That’s what you get with our cloud telephony service. Flexibility, easy disaster recovery and technology built around how you work – anytime, anywhere. Often without the need for additional hardware.

  • Ready to scale with national or international cloud solutions.
  • A bespoke platform that can include contact centre and Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Collaboration functionality to allow your staff to communicate via phone, video, chat and even share screens.
Cloud Telephony

Contact centre solutions for customer questions

You need to be able to communicate with your customers on their terms. Email, text, social media or calls. You also want your staff to be able to work seamlessly. At home, in the office, or on the move. Our tailored contact centre platforms make that a reality. Enabling delight for customers, and flexibility for workers.

  • Platforms that work across any phone system, for consistently productive experiences.
  • Technology solutions built specifically for market-leading brands including Mitel, Horizon, Wildix.
  • Enhance your collaboration with wall boards, reporting, call recording, PCI-compliant payment systems.
Contact Centre

Business mobile solutions, strategy & performance

Business mobile is now business-critical. Partner with us and you get the solutions, networks, and partnerships you need. We’re one of the UK’s dual network service providers for both Vodafone and O2, ensuring you get the highest quality of service and the widest coverage. Combine this with human expertise that’s only possible after 25+ years of experience in mobile strategy and connectivity.

  • Online insight portal for tracking bills, monitoring usage and reporting performance.
  • Extensive range of hardware from market-leading manufacturers, from cutting-edge Apple products to rugged Cat devices.
  • Dedicated Account Managers can help you build your mobile strategy for data and roaming, through to security and IoT.
Business Mobile

About Us

With over 25+ years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25+ years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


What is hybrid working?2021-10-16T11:23:39+00:00

This model of working enables employees to work from different locations. Implemented correctly, there should be no difference between connecting to devices and collaborating in the office, at home, or when on the move.

What is Microsoft Teams?2021-10-16T11:24:13+00:00

A business application and platform that offers users multiple ways to collaborate and communicate. This includes chat, voice, video, file storage and sharing. Teams comes as part of Microsoft 365.

What business mobile tariffs do you offer?2021-11-01T10:53:14+00:00

We’re one of only five dual network service providers of O2 and Vodafone. This means we can unlock tariffs you won’t find online, giving you comprehensive and resilient coverage, along with access to best-in-breed devices.

What are the advantages of cloud telephony?2021-10-16T11:25:30+00:00

Cloud telephony removes the headaches from running a physical phone system. Less hardware means you can scale infrastructure easier and cost effectively. What’s more, you can harness video conferencing, file sharing and collaboration, CRM integration, and many more productivity-enabling tools.

What is an omni-channel contact centre?2021-11-01T10:54:36+00:00

Customers can contact you via their preferred channel. Phone, email, chat, messaging – these different channels are unified so that details of interactions are consolidated into one, making it ideal for integrating with your CRM.

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