Code of Practice

Arrow Business Communications Ltd
Revised: April 2018

1. About Arrow Business Communications Ltd
Arrow is an independent provider of intelligent solutions that give business customers greater control of their telecommunications spend. Using our powerful assessment tools, we offer impartial advice and recommend the best combination of voice and data products to achieve the high standards of value, efficiency and flexibility that our customers demand. Once a solution is in place, our management tools give businesses the clear detail, logical systems and dedicated support they need to retain maximum efficiency as they move forward.

2. The Purpose of this Code of Practice
This code of practice is designed for consumers or small businesses, and outlines the way in which we will manage our ongoing relationships with our customers. The objective of this code is to ensure that Arrow provides its Customers with standards of protection equal to or better than those provided by the law.

This code highlights the responsibilities we have to you in terms of data protection, number portability and other such aspects. This code is designed for customers that take any telecommunications services from Arrow.

We provide our customers with high levels of service and independent advice, however, please note that if you are a business customer with more than 10 employees, your rights and obligations are defined in your contract and certain aspects of this code of practice may not apply.
In this code of practice the terms ‘you’ mean ‘you’ our customer (whether business or personal) and ‘us’ or ‘we’ means Arrow.

3. Contacting Arrow
Arrow can be contacted as follows:
Phone 0330 440 4444
Fax 0330 440 4445
Post Arrow Business Communications Ltd,
1st Floor, The Wharf, Abbey Mill Business Park,
Lower Eashing, Surrey, GU7 2QN

Please note that if you are writing to us then we recommend that you send your letter by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery®

4. General Philosophy
Arrow has developed and grown its business by providing a range of market leading services for landline and mobile customers. We specialise in providing our customers with an exceptional level of support, together with invoicing and account management tailored to the specific needs of the business customer.

We provide services using other companies’ networks that allow us the freedom to negotiate cost-savings to pass on to our customers, as well as ensuring that our product range is always developing and avoids the cost constraints of running our own network. We will manage your connection to these networks on your behalf and provide you with the billing information and fault resolution process you would expect, but we do not run the network ourselves. If you have a mobile phone or mobile data service from Arrow, it is important to note that the service operates using radio waves and there may be certain areas where it is impossible to use the service.

5. Range of Services
Arrow provides a wide range of services falling broadly into two key areas, fixed line and mobile. Detailed below are some of the key services we provide, however, please refer to our website or contact our customer services team for the latest information on services we can provide.

Mobile Services
We provide a range of mobile devices and associated airtime services including voicemail, text and media messaging and mobile email.

Fixed Line Services
We provide a range of indirect voice and data services including Indirect Access and Carrier Pre-Selection as well as the provision of line rental services and associated services such as PABX reprogramming and arranging non-geographic numbers.

Data Services
We provide a range of data services including ADSL and SDSL Broadband and other leased line services.

Core Services
Across both our fixed and mobile solutions detailed above, we provide a range of core services which include recommendations on the best tariff options, monthly invoicing in a choice of formats to provide you with the control you require and easily understandable advice on the best ways of controlling your telecoms expenditure.

Prices of Services
Arrow endeavours to ensure that at all times its pricing is competitive within the market and reflects new tariffs or service offerings. If you are interested in our tariffs then contact customer services and they will happily advise you of the price of any charge for the service(s) you are connected to. Additionally, they can send, email or fax tariff information to you on request.
From time to time we may change our prices and we will write to you to advise you of any changes that occur. Some specific aspects of the charges may be agreed between you and Arrow during the sales process, however, these will be confirmed in writing or email or detailed on the completed order form to prevent any possible confusion.

Ordering Services
If you would like to order a service from Arrow then please contact our customer service team. You will need to provide us with a number of items of information, depending on the desired service to enable us to correctly provision your requirements. One of our customer service team will guide you through this process.

We will carry out standard credit checks prior to connecting your service and we reserve the right to request a deposit prior to connecting you, or to restrict the range of service you have available (for example access to international or roaming call usage) until you have run your account to our satisfaction for a period of three full calendar months.

Additionally, we may request that you provide us with some proof of identity, address or levels of spend with a previous telecoms company. If you are a new customer to Arrow and have not yet set up a business credit account then any hardware equipment ordered from Arrow, connection fee (if applicable) and the first months line rental may require payment in advance, prior to dispatch of the equipment.

Right to Cancel
If you order a service from Arrow and you wish to cancel within the initial 14 days of delivery of your order, then you are entitled to do so. Please contact our customer services team for advice on how to return any equipment supplied. However, please note that it is your responsibility to safely return any goods supplied and all goods must be returned in their original packaging and in an ‘as sold’ condition. We reserve to right to charge for equipment not returned correctly or for any missing or damaged items that were contained within the original equipment supply.
After the 14 day period, you will be required to keep the service and pay the monthly fee (if applicable) for the minimum period outlined in the contract for this specific service. This is usually a minimum period of 24 calendar months from connection of the service. Should you wish to cancel your agreement at the end of the minimum period then please write to Arrow and provide details of your account number, telephone number(s) and service(s) you would like to cancel. We normally require a minimum of 30 days notice to be given, however, a different period may apply for certain services as detailed in our original written communication. We will contact you on receipt of this communication in order to understand your reasons for cancellation and to see if we can offer you an alternative solution that might be more suited to your needs.

6. Customer Services
As mentioned previously, we pride ourselves on offering high levels of customer service. Please find below some specific information about the service related points that you might be interested in. However, should you have a query that is not covered in this information then please feel free to contact us (detailed in section 3 of this document) Please note that all calls to or from Arrow may be recorded or monitored for training or security purposes.

6.1 Service Standards
• Our customer services are available Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00 although we may close earlier on days prior to UK holidays (Christmas, Easter etc)
• We endeavour to answer 90% of calls within ten seconds. During office hours all calls are answered by live agents.
• All emailed communication will be acknowledged within two working days
• All written communication will be acknowledged within seven working days

6.2 Faults and Repairs
Arrow uses networks that provide a high level of service to our customers. However from time to time it may not be possible to make a call due to a problem with the network or your connection to it. Often we find the end-user has dialled the wrong number, so we would recommend checking the number and trying again five minutes later prior to contacting Arrow to report a potential fault.
In order for us to be able to track your issue we will require details as to the date and time of the problem, and what was heard when dialling the number. Additionally we may request that you carry out a few simple troubleshooting tests to enable us to determine where the fault may lie.

We will endeavour to resolve all faults within one working day, from when you notify us of a fault on your service. This is a target time and we do not provide any compensation in the event of failing to meet this target.

If you are a larger customer you may have a tailored service level agreement, in which case the specifics of the Service Level Agreement will apply. If your mobile device develops a fault, we can arrange to repair the device. This normally takes around ten working days unless it is a specialist device or the unit is required to be returned to its original manufacturer.

6.3 Invoicing & Payment
6.3.1 Monthly Invoice
Arrow will send you an invoice on a monthly basis. This will be sent out in the post automatically one month after your mobile or fixed line service was connected, and all subsequent bills will be sent around the same date.

Each monthly invoice will provide a summary of all the calls you have made together with summaries of spend across your account if you have more than one connection from Arrow.
Additionally we can provide an electronic itemised call statement to allow you to identify the costs of every call you have made.

6.3.2 Payment Options and Disconnection
We can accept a range of payment options including direct debit, cheques or debit/credit card (excluding Diner Club International®).
We require our invoices to be paid within 14 days unless extended terms have been agreed in writing by Arrow (only applicable to business customers). It is important to us that customers pay on time to ensure that we are able to provide the levels of service our customer expects to receive. If we do not receive payment when it is due, we will initiate steps to contact you to resolve this situation. This could include contacting you by phone, letter or text message, and should we not receive a response to our attempts to contact you then we reserve the right to suspend your service. If this situation is not resolved then following a period of time we may disconnect your service and pass your details to a third party collections agency to recover overdue funds.

7. Complaints Process
Arrow is committed to providing our customers with an exceptional level of service. However, we do accept that from time to time things can go wrong, and if you feel this is the case then we would like you to tell us as soon as possible so that we can resolve the problem to your satisfaction. Please find below our complaints process which details who you should contact if you have a complaint about our services.

7.1 Complaints Process
If you would like to make a complaint then please contact Customer Services on 0330 440 4444, ask to speak to one of our team managers and often they can resolve the problem forthwith. Please call between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday in order to lodge a complaint. Alternatively, if you would like to raise your complaint in writing then please do so, addressed to “Customer Services” and using our contact address.

Information Required
We will need a number of pieces of information in order to progress your complaint:
• Account Number
• Company Name (if applicable)
• Your full name and address
• Nature of the complaint
We will endeavour to resolve the complaint when you initially contact us however, certain types of complaint may take longer to resolve in which case we will confirm receipt of your complaint within seven days and endeavour to resolve any points raised in the complaint within 14 working days. We would recommend that you provide as much information as possible as to the nature of the complaint in order to enable us to resolve it as readily as possible.

If you are not happy with the response you receive from our team managers, then please feel free to escalate the issue to our Operations Manager, who can be contacted through the same customer services phone number detailed above or in writing.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, we will issue a ”deadlock” letter so that you may make a complaint through Ombudsman Services, an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. We can provide you with details of this service. Alternatively, if more than three months has passed since you first made your complaint, please contact the ADR scheme directly.

Consumers and Small Businesses
The Ombudsman Services is a free service that deals with complaints by residential and small business customers against member telecommunications companies. Contact details for Ombudsman Services and other telecoms related agencies are included in Appendix A of this document.

8. Customer Rights and Obligations
8.1 Number portability
We are happy to connect customers that wish to port their existing numbers to Arrow provided that this is possible on a technical basis, which is always the case for mobile customers. You have the right to port your mobile number and we will arrange this on request.
8.2 Call Barring
We are happy to provide call barring on lines to enable our customers to control their telecoms expenditure, however, it is not always technically possible to provide all types of call bars. We reserve the right to bar certain call types as standard for certain customers. Should you wish to place a call bar, or arrange for one to be lifted (which may require payment of a security deposit), then please contact our customer services team (see section 3 of this document). This process normally takes up to 24 hours, but note it cannot be actioned if you are roaming abroad with your device.

8.3 CLI – Calling Line Identifier
When making calls from either a mobile or fixed line service, the number of your phone (CLI) will be presented to the person you are calling. Should you not wish your number to be presented to the person you are calling then you can withhold your CLI by prefixing the number you are dialling with 141.
For example, to call 07768123456 with your CLI restricted then dial 14107768123456. We cannot guarantee the passing of CLI when making calls internationally. Additionally should you need to contact the Emergency Services by calling 999 or 112, your CLI will be passed to them even if you try to withhold your CLI.

8.4 Premium Rate Numbers
If you have a question relating to any premium rate service charges that appear on your invoice, then please contact our customer services team in the first instance.
Should you wish to complain about a premium rate service, then you should contact PhonePayPlus, who are the regulator for the premium rate industry. They can provide you with details of the service that operates on a given premium rate service number and answer queries relating to the following service types:
• Services which start with the numbers 090xxxx
• Directory Enquiry services operating on 118xxx
• International services commencing +00xx and which involve adult content
• Text messages charged at a premium rate
• Information service (such as traffic and weather report services) on short codes
Full details of how to contact PhonePayPlus are included in Appendix 1 of this document.

8.5 Data Protection
Any personal data provided to Arrow in conjunction with the use of your phone service, website, e-billing or other associated facility may be used by us and other Arrow group companies worldwide to advise of, offer and supply goods and service, for other marketing purposes, and for performing or enforcing the terms of sale and/or your use of the service. We will use your personal data to assist us in further improving our products and services, which may include analysing your use of the services either individually or aggregated across multiple users. We may provide your personal data to a credit reference agency or organisations involved in crime or fraud prevention on receipt of an approved request.

We may share your personal data with selected third parties including providers of customer relationship management services outside the Arrow group of companies, to provide, promote or co-promote Arrow or Arrow related products or services. On request to Arrow, your personal data stored by us will be provided, corrected, amended or deleted (as required by law) unless required by us to perform or enforce the service agreement. Should you not wish your personal data to be modified as above, or not shared with other companies then please write to:

The Data Controller,

Arrow Business Communications,
1st Floor, The Wharf,
Abbey Mill Business Park, Lower Eashing,
Surrey, GU7 2QN

Our treatment of your personal data will be at all times in accordance with any applicable UK or EU legislation. We are registered as a Data Processor under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

9. Communication with Customers
Arrow uses a number of channels to communicate with our existing customers including phone, email, text message and post. From time to time we may write, or email you to inform you of new services that we are launching that we feel may be of interest. Should you not wish to receive this type of communication then please contact our customer services team.
You are required to write to us to inform us of any change of address or name that we have on file for your account, as this ensures you will receive your monthly invoice correctly. In the event of a change in charges or the need to suspend service on your device we will notify you in writing.
If you are interested in registering your home number with the Telephone Preference Service, which should stop the number of unsolicited telesales calls you receive then please see Appendix A of this document which includes the contact information for this service. Businesses can register their fax number to opt out of receiving unsolicited fax communications in a similar way.

10. Social Responsibility
Malicious Calls
Mobile customers should contact our customer services department and they will be happy to provide advice on what to do in the event of receiving malicious calls or text messages. Fixed line customers who are receiving malicious calls are recommended to contact Openreach who provide the network service phone number associated with it. To contact the nuisance call bureau please call Freefone 0800 661 441. They will be able to provide advice as to the steps that can be taken to avoid this problem.

Disabled or Elderly Customers
Our fixed line consumer customers can have access to British Telecommunications Ltd’s (BT) ‘195 Directory Service for Blind or Disabled Customers’. This includes the ability for calls to be connected onwards as required. In the same way, access to BT’s ‘Text Direct Service’ is also available to customers with speech and hearing difficulties. Details of both these services can be found on the BT website at
Information / Service Requests

We are happy to arrange to provide information as required on a case by case basis. This could include the provision of any written documentation in large print. Please contact our customer services department (section 3) for more details.

11. Approval and Review of Codes
This code of practice will be reviewed by Arrow at least every six months to ensure that:
a) Our business practices reflect the requirements of this code
b) We have adopted any changes recommended or legislated by Ofcom or other relevant statutory body
c) This code of practice relates to the latest updates to our product / service offerings
This code of practice is published on our website – and is also available to be sent via email or post in this or large text format, on request to our customer services department.

12. Additional Information
This code has been approved by Ofcom for the purposes of section 52 of the Communications Act 2003. The guidelines for producing codes of practice are on Ofcom’s website.

Appendix A
Should you need to contact any of the organisations listed in this code of practice, please refer to the following information:
Office of Communications (Ofcom)
Phone: 0300 123 3000
Fax: 020 7981 3333
Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road
London, SE1 9HA
Online: Help for consumers or businesses

Ombudsman Services
Phone: 0330 440 1614
Fax: 0330 440 1615
Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU
Online: Contact form

PhonePayPlus – Premium Rate Services Only
Phone: 0800 500 212
Fax: 0207 981 3333
PhonePayPlus, 25th Floor,
40 Bank Street, London, E14 5NR.
Online: Help for consumers or businesses

Telephone Preference Service
Phone: 0345 070 0707

Fax Preference Service
Phone: 0345 070 0702