Business in the Community (BITC) is part of the HRH The Prince of Wales’ Responsible Business Network. BITC is a business-led charity with more than 30 years’ experience and currently employs around 400 staff working in offices across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The Challenge

BITC was seeking to reduce the cost of its business mobiles and looking for a way to effectively manage the different usage requirements of its employees. Data usage had increased greatly and the company was also about to implement Office 365 as part of an initiative to improve productivity. This project included replacing BlackBerry devices with Microsoft Nokia Lumia smartphones.

The Solution

After a comprehensive review of BITC’s mobile usage, Arrow recommended its new Flex tariffing which can be designed and built to match each customers’ unique requirements. BITC now has a tariff which includes a pool of data used by all connections so low data users balance the high users. The tariff also provides BITC with four times more data but at a much lower cost.

Flex tariffs remove the burden of adding and removing bolt-ons and means that it is much easier to budget expenditure. The tariff also includes a certain amount of flexibility allowing minutes to be increased and decreased within agreed limits to suit usage. Arrow and BITC monitor the calls and data usage each month to ensure the tariff is working hard and within their usage needs, and where necessary we agree and adjust the minutes and data allowance accordingly.

Transition Support

Group Facilities Manager at BITC said, “With 250 users in multiple locations, carrying out the swap from BlackBerry to Nokia smartphones would have been a logistical nightmare were it not for Arrow’s excellent mobile implementation team”.

Arrow arranged for new SIMs and devices to be shipped to various locations across UK and sent a welcome email to each user explaining the transfer process and informing them of the day and time of their SIM transfer. These time slots were scheduled in with the training sessions so users were able to swap their SIM, collect their new device and attend a training session provided by Microsoft about their new phones. The Arrow implementation team spent 3 days on site in London and Manchester and organised a remote session to ensure that the transition was seamless and to answer any questions that users might have.

Furthermore, Arrow created user guides on how to set up emails on their new devices, transfer their data and tips on using the Nokia Lumia 365 devices.  “Arrow has been our mobile supplier for many years now and we have always been impressed with the customer service we receive. We are very happy with the new tariff because it has reduced the mobile phone bill significantly and requires less admin time to manage. The implementation roadshows were a great success, dramatically reducing the burden of work on our staff.”

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