Business benefits of using the cloud

What are the benefits of using the cloud for businesses? [Image: shylendrahoode via iStock]
Businesses can see tangible benefits from switching to cloud-based apps and services, including more collaboration and easier working transparency.

The cloud has so many advantages to business that it’s now becoming almost impossible to find one not using it. It can bring benefits that you might not initially consider. There’s a reason that spending on the cloud is catching up to that of traditional data centres.

So if you’re undecided about introducing more cloud services and apps to your business, here are some of the most important things it can offer.

Easier collaboration

Your teams will need to work with each other to deliver the best results for clients and customers, so it’s important that collaboration is made as simple as possible.

With the cloud, different members of staff can access and edit the same document simultaneously. This means that there are no delays while projects are sent across to colleagues. Everyone has instant access, so questions can be answered, and issues resolved, as soon as they come up.

Greater visibility

Along with easier collaboration, operating on the cloud allows managers to keep a closer eye on what’s going on. They can access the documents and projects that their team has been working on and ensure things look like they’re on track for success.

They can also make sure that your team members are working on the correct tasks and not wasting time on anything unnecessary.

Flexible working

Businesses that use cloud-based apps and services find themselves at an advantage when it comes to flexible working. They can allow their employees to work remotely since they’ll still have access to the files and information they need to carry out their duties.

They will have no problem in being able to work collaboratively with colleagues based in your office and can communicate well with managers. Cloud-based messaging and video calling services can keep everyone in touch. When you allow your employees to work where they need to, there’s more chance that they’ll feel trusted, which can boost both loyalty and productivity.

The ability to scale up or down

There are always times when a company will have to scale its operations up or down. This could happen during a sales promotion, for example, or because of a seasonal change in business.

Using the cloud means you don’t have to worry about having enough capacity. It can be altered instantly, leaving you free to concentrate on the more pressing matters driving the need to scale up or down.

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