Olswang Case Study

Business mobiles from Arrow

Olswang is a leading business law firm with a distinctive approach.  Their pioneering and problem-solving ethos has established a commanding reputation in the technology, media and real estate sectors, as well as a wide range of other industries.

The challenge of mobile working

Olswang’s solicitors are frequently away from the office and in meetings making it hard to stay on top of their workload, keep up to date with case developments and abreast of schedule changes.  With over 100 partners, Olswang needed an affordable solution that works for the whole organisation, providing the mobility and flexibility for Olswang’s partners to continue to provide a professional and swift legal service to their clients.

Providing mobility and flexibility

The BlackBerry® solution from Arrow more than meets these requirements, enhancing productivity and efficiency for Olswang partners and support staff:

  • With instant access to business-critical information, decisions can be made more quickly and with confidence
  • Time spent travelling between appointments is no longer downtime, increasing billable hours
  • Partners now spend less time on administration and more time with clients, understanding their needs and building stronger relationship
  • Olswang leveraged existing IT investments with BlackBerry’s seamless, secure integration with Microsoft® Exchange and its own IT network
  • Staff satisfaction has improved thanks to being able to achieve more during working hours and therefore having to work less during the evening and at weekends

In touch with all aspects of your business

The BlackBerry solution supports leading enterprise email platforms and can be customised to meet the needs of one person or an entire enterprise. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides push-based access to email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes, instant messaging, web-based applications, services and enterprise applications.  “Due to the nature of our work, security was one of our top requirements”, said Clive Knott, IT Director at Olswang. The encryption protocols used by BlackBerry help ensure the confidentiality and integrity of wirelessly-transmitted information from behind the firewall to wireless devices in the field. With support for more than 450 over-the-air wireless IT policies and commands that enable IT administrators to wirelessly enforce security settings, BlackBerry Enterprise Server meets even the most stringent IT requirements.

As Olswang approached the end of its mobile contract in early 2009, Clive Knott, IT Director, chose Arrow as its new mobile service provider. “Arrow’s extensive experience in the mobile industry and, in particular, in supporting BlackBerry solutions were the main reasons for awarding our mobile phone contract to them”, says Knott. “They also demonstrated real savings in comparison to our incumbent supplier and their billing reports are accurate and easy to understand”.
“Since implementation, the excellent customer service has provided further evidence of a decision well made”.

Arrow adopts a consultative sales approach building a comprehensive picture of a customer’s current and future mobile phone and landline requirements. Following a thorough analysis of Olswang’s usage and billing patterns, Arrow proposed a deal that gave Olswang savings of around 20 per cent in comparison to its previous mobile phone contract.  Arrow’s direct, no-nonsense approach to doing business meant that the sales and implementation processes ran extremely smoothly.   “We have complete visibility of our spend for the whole organisation and across each cost centre with the itemised billing reports produced by Arrow each month”, comments Knott.

Improved customer satisfaction

Olswang has also reported a big improvement in client responsiveness since implementing BlackBerrys. Workflow was often delayed when partners were out of the office but now, with easy access to emails, the internet and the company’s IT network, partners have the information they need to hand allowing them to make decisions more quickly.

Knott concludes, “BlackBerry as a solution for a professional services company is unrivalled in terms of its reliability, security and flexibility. And the same can be said for Arrow with its consistent excellent personal service and expertise”.