BlackBerry expands embedded software delivery

BlackBerry expands embedded software delivery [Image: monsitj via iStock]
BlackBerry has announced it is adding a new programme that will enable the building of a global network of experts in its QNX and Certicom technologies.

BlackBerry has announced its new specialised Value-Added Integrator (VAI) programme intended to build a worldwide network of experts trained in BlackBerry QNX and Certicom technologies.

The VAI programme will allow partners to deliver integration services and build on BlackBerry's embedded technologies to design and develop secure, mission-critical solutions. The ultimate aim is for this to accelerate product time to market.

John Wall, senior vice-president and head of BlackBerry QNX explained that the current “explosion” of unsecured devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded systems has presented a real opportunity for security and software solutions.

He said that BlackBerry is therefore seeing strong demand for its QNX embedded software and Certicom Elliptical Curve Cryptography-based security solutions. He added that BlackBerry’s new VAI programme will allow the company to “reach broader markets and expand our channels of distribution for a wider range of embedded applications that demand highly reliable and secure software solutions”.

Applications will include automotive systems, medical surgical robots, smart grids, train control systems and industrial automation.

Early partners participating in the programme include Archermind Technology, Mcloudware, Micon Global, Mission Embedded and ThunderSoft.

Jackey Yang, executive vice-president and co-founder of Archermind Technology, said that his company works closely with chipset vendors, original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers to build cost-effective turnkey embedded solutions.

He that the opportunity to deepen Archermind Technology’s expertise in BlackBerry QNX's safety and security-certified embedded software “will enable us to accelerate and reduce the cost to build and secure such products as white goods, automated fare collection systems, and commercial buses”.

Meanwhile, Rock Yang, vice-president of ThunderSoft, said that the VAI programme will allow his company to provide its customers with “a strong software platform to leverage BlackBerry QNX's embedded safety and security software across the industrial, IoT, medical and virtual reality markets in China and throughout the world”.

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