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Where is the AV Technology?

AV Partners - World-leading suppliers

We use world-leading suppliers of AV equipment. 

Arrow works with best of breed suppliers and will work closely with you to ensure you receive unbiased advice and the best technology for your requirements. 


Hear and be Heard

Audio integration is a crucial part of any audio visual installation. Visuals and control amount to nothing if meeting participants cannot be heard.

At Arrow we believe in designing an audio solution that matches your aspirations for the room. Whether your space needs a complex fixed installation or a dynamic set of wireless microphones we can advise, assist and install.

An audio installation does not simply include audio conferencing, it extends to equipping your space with the  video conference audio and voice reinforcement. Considering the space and the specific needs is critical when determining the type of system needed.

We work with the best manufacturers whose pedigree is unquestionable. You can be certain that no matter your requirements we and our suppliers will design a solution to suit your needs.

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British American Tobacco Case study Video Wall Reception BAT

Arrow was chosen by British American Tobacco (BAT) to conceptualise and implement the audio-visual and video conferencing technologies for their new office in Chiswick Park, London.


Simple and Seamless

Easy management of AV equipment is essential to the smooth running of a meeting or presentation. Arrow’s AV technology will allow you to switch on the monitor, turn down the lights, close the blinds and control the AV equipment all from one simple touch screen.

Our ethos to control is that, no matter how complex the space, the control of all elements should be simple for any member of staff to use and the labels for the controls should make the functionality that it delivers clear and intuitive.

With that in mind Arrow has partnered with  best in breed partners thus ensuring that your meeting room, auditorium, classrooms, conference centre or boardroom is as easy to use as possible.

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Visual Impact

Display covers a wide range of solutions from LED, LFD, video walls etc. Arrow can provide you with any or all of these solutions. However, the key to our success is knowing when and where to utilise these solutions.

LED displays are now the standard. Whether as screens or as panels we utilise this technology in almost every project we undertake.

Displays can be used in a variety of scenarios including:

  • Front of house screens
  • Big impact meeting spaces
  • Marketing large format displays in communal spaces
  • Retail window displays
  • Video Walls
  • Office infographics

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Reshaping the workspace

Audio Visual and Video Conferencing tools have changed our relationship with the office and remote working

Download the ESSENTIAL GUIDE to learn about the changes that are happening to the workplace and how to adjust your business to the new environment.

In the essential guide  “The future of AV in the office” you will learn:

  • Is the office dead? What is the future of the workplace?
  • How to successfully have face-to-face meetings.
  • Reimagining the office layout after COVID.
  • Why 76% of people avoid the office to get important work done.
  • How to enable employees to have a better work-life balance.

The Office Post-Lockdown

Post Lockdown office AV White Paper
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Show and Inspire

Presentation and content sharing technology is now critical to enable collaboration between multiple parties on different devices and in various locations anywhere around the world. Thanks to an array of carefully chosen suppliers, Arrow can install and enable this all at the click of a button. This simple and effective interaction is what’s expected when clients need to view content with colleagues or customers.

These technologies allow multiple users  to share content from their laptops or mobile devices via a simple connection to the screen. No cables, no set-up and most importantly, no waiting to join.

Arrow has various presentation solutions designed to suit different types of rooms and content:

  • 4K content sharing
  • Moderated sharing for education
  • Wireless sharing
  • Boardroom sharing

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Signage & IPTV

Broadcast Your Message

Push any content anywhere and communicate your message instantly. The possibilities with digital signage and IPTV are endless.

Our signage and IPTV solutions are designed specifically for you. Whether you need to show content on a single screen, multiple screens, a six screen video wall, fully interactive content or large scale multi-projector blends we have the solution for you.

We combine your vision and your brand with the latest technology and bring your message to life.

A successful installation will bring together multiple sources from multiple areas and deliver a message which is both succinct and powerful.

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Our AV Solutions

Audio Visual Solutions transform the way your staff work and communicate.

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Arrow not only listened to our requirements and recommended the product but also managed the implementation into all our stores very efficiently. Their knowledge and support continues to be invaluable.

Head of Retail IT

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AV transforms your meeting rooms into areas interactive, dynamic tools for improving communication, productivity and professionalism in your business.

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