Remote working is becoming ubiquitous, with companies embracing the idea that allowing their employees flexibility in their work will increase their productivity. Often intertwined with remote working are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, which let employees use the equipment they feel comfortable with.

With these two policies designed to boost employee performance, businesses should ensure that their workers are using the right apps and software to really maximise their productivity.


For managing projects between teams, Trello provides a good interface and setup. It allows users to set up to-do lists and archive projects already complete.

Cards – which can either be one element of a task or an entire project – can be dragged through the different processes of completion so everyone involved can see what stage has been reached.


Storing things in the cloud is an absolute necessity when your employees work remotely. Dropbox provides the space to do this, whether it be photos, videos or documents.

Dropbox backs up files which means your work is always available, even in the event of a catastrophe. It can be used on smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops, which lets BYOD users have full access.


Workers who need to save numerous links to sites to return to again should certainly sign up to Pocket. It’s a free app and can be used across computers and mobile devices, with all saved pages synced up.

You can save a link, then read the article or view the content and then delete or archive it. It’s also useful for those who see something they’d like to read in their spare time. Instead of cutting into work time, they can save the link and carry on being productive.


A messaging service, Slack can offer communications for remote teams using different channels that can replace the many different email, chat and texts used by colleagues not based in the same office.

It can also be integrated with other apps, including Google Drive, Trello and Dropbox, so it can maximise productivity.

Google Drive

Google’s cloud software provides a huge range of options for remote workers to collaborate with their colleagues. The Google suite allows multiple users to work on one document, whether in word processing form or spreadsheet.

Suggestions can be tracked and comments recorded, so it allows for truly co-operative working. These documents can then all be saved to the Drive, a cloud storage system that allows everyone with access to see what others are working on.

When allowing your workers to use their own devices, however, you should ensure that you make them as secure as possible. Arrow’s mobile device management solutions can boost security and keep your company’s sensitive information as safe as possible.

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