Apple has issued a developer update to its iOS software, which analysts think represent a taste of what could be seen in the next overhaul for its operating system.

One of the biggest changes will likely be the end of Apple’s support for 32-bit apps. With the developer update, iOS 10.3 beta 2, users have been receiving messages saying that certain apps will not work with future versions of iOS and that the app developer “needs to update it to improve its compatibility”.

It is being taken as a sign that Apple will no longer support 32-bit apps when iOS 11 is released, which will likely be in early autumn of this year. Some analysts have said this will lead to iPhones and iPads becoming more powerful.

The new update will also include a ‘Find my AirPods’ feature, which will allow users to locate the wireless earphones that were designed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple has faced criticism for the high pricing of the AirPods, which sell for £159, based on the fact they are relatively easy to lose. The Find my AirPods feature is being seen as Apple’s attempt to address these concerns.

The feature won’t allow users to narrow down the exact location of the AirPods as the earphones don’t have built-in GPS, but will allow users to see the last place they were within Bluetooth range of any device set up with that user’s iCloud account.

Users will also be able to rate apps without having to visit the App Store with the next version of iOS. It is hoped this will encourage users to rate more apps, which will then lead to improved performance. This is something that will likely aid in productivity, particularly for those who use their Apple devices for work purposes.

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