The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system won’t be officially launched until the autumn, but those keen to see what the company has in store for iPhone owners can now download the public beta version to test its new features for themselves.

Apple has made a work-in-progress version of iOS 13 available to download now for all users. As long as consumers own an iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, seventh generation iPod touch  or newer device, they can now visit the firm’s beta website and follow the instructions to add the new software to their phone.

However, before they should do this, it’s advised that users make a full backup of their phone or tablet, as if they don’t like the update, or it causes issues with their device, reverting back to iOS 12 will require a full wipe and restore of the phone.

People should also consider how vital their phone is before they install the new iOS 13 because, as is the case with all beta test versions, there are likely to be a few bugs and quirks that have yet to be ironed out.

Indeed, some early adopters and developers have already begun compiling lists of issues with the system, including apps losing connection and occasional user interface (UI) freezes. While these are likely to be sorted before the main launch in September, these kind of rough edges could be an issue for those who need to use their phone constantly.

Therefore, it may be better to install the update on an older device if one is available, rather than a user’s primary smartphone.

For those that do opt to take part of the beta, they’ll find a range of new features, including a ‘dark mode’ overhaul to the UI that is intended to be easier on the eye in low-light environments, a redesigned photos app with AI assistance and an overhaul to Apple Maps.

For the security-conscious, there is also a new single sign-on offering that aims to provide more privacy for users by allowing them to gain access to apps and services using their existing Apple ID. This works similarly to the Google Sign-In option offering available on Android devices.

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