Apple's lower-priced iPhone, the XR, has been named the most popular smartphone in the UK in a new survey that found it is the best-selling phone in the country at the moment.

This is according to Kantar's latest data, which revealed the XR outperformed its fellow Apple gadgets the XS and XS Max, with the research noting the device is appealing particularly to those upgrading from older handsets.

According to the firm, around 16 per cent of Apple XS and XS Max users upgraded to their current device from last year's iPhone X, indicating that Apple's flagships still generate a great deal of excitement among those who feel they have to have the latest handset every year.

However, just one per cent of iPhone XR users were previous iPhone X owners, which suggests the device is finding a new audience among users who are looking to upgrade from older gadgets, but are put off by the high costs at the top end of the market.

Dominic Sunnebo, global director at Kantar, observed: "As smartphone prices rise rapidly, iPhone XR provides Apple with a way to keep its customers with older models continuing to upgrade regularly, and less tempted by the competition."

This was also backed up by 9to5Mac, which noted there is a general view among "less techy" buyers that the iPhone XR allows them to enjoy the new design of the iPhone and access features such as Face ID for a lot less than the XS.

Overall, however, Android remains the platform of choice for smartphone users in the UK, with 63.8 per cent of devices using Google's platform, compared with 35.9 per cent for Apple's iOS. It also noted that other platforms have now been almost completely shut out from the UK market, with just 0.3 per cent of users remaining on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry vanishing entirely, registering a zero per cent market share, down from 0.3 per cent this time last year.

In Europe as a whole, Samsung continued to perform strongly, with the launch of the flagship Galaxy S10 helping consolidate the brand's position as the continent's leading smartphone maker.

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