Apple is facing a number of problems with the development of the upcoming iPhone, according to a report from Fast Company.

The website – known for its credibility in reporting events such as this – has revealed that a source has claimed there is a “sense of panic in the air” at Apple, as the company deals with software problems that could result in some flagship features being disabled at the new smartphone’s launch.

Widely expected to be called the iPhone 8 – but may also be named the iPhone Pro or iPhone X – the new device is set to feature a radical redesign, with Apple thought to be introducing a number of aspects its rivals have already implemented in their own products.

This includes wireless charging, which Fast Company reported the company is struggling to implement. According to the source the site spoke to, Apple is unable to get its software to work properly for the technology.

The source revealed that if Apple can’t make it work before launch, it could ship the new device with the hardware disabled. This would then be enabled at a later date.

Apple is also apparently struggling to implement its new 3D sensor, which is likely going to be front-facing and used for facial recognition to unlock the phone.

Fast Company also said that its source confirmed that the hardware is not the problem, rather that Apple can’t find a way for the software to work with it. The source said Apple will likely get the technology operational before launch, but that if it doesn’t, it will ship it with the hardware that it will later enable.

The next iPhone will be the company’s ten-year anniversary model, so customers are expecting a significant departure from the most recent iPhones, which many have criticised for lack of progress and new features.

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