As more business activities shift to digital platforms and more work takes place remotely, the need for effective communications and collaboration solutions has become clearly obvious.

Businesses with multiple locations are particularly impacted, but as the way we work changes and remote working becomes more popular, all companies will benefit from efficient employee collaboration tools.

With so many options to choose from, and many different operations requiring different, disconnected solutions – from VoIP services to Video Conferencing tools – things can quickly get complicated.

That’s why we’re launching Swift – a new cloud phone designed specifically for small businesses that bring your phone, video and collaboration into a single solution.

The challenges posed by complex communications environments

One of the biggest issues faced by many companies is the sheer number of communications and collaboration tools they are using. For instance, a typical small business may have a Fixed Telephony or VoIP Solution in use for its voice calls, as well as separate Video Conferencing tools for both internal use and connecting with external clients or suppliers.

This can mean businesses can quickly end up having to juggle six or more communications tools to ensure their employees can keep in touch and collaborate with colleagues and partners whenever and wherever they are.

One of the biggest issues with this will be the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple separate subscriptions. This means firms have to make a choice between spending large amounts of money on several different services or trying to make do with free tiers and all the feature limits that come with them.

Small firms in particular may quickly find it difficult to keep up with this. When resources are tight and there may be less specialist IT expertise within the company, you can easily end up paying over the odds or missing out on essential features.

How Swift brings all your services together

Our new Swift offering solves these issues by bringing the functionality of multiple different services into a single subscription. This not only offers you a much more streamlined way of managing your communications and collaboration services but could also save a significant amount of money, with flexible tariffs available to handle whatever your unique business needs may be.

swift phone + collaboration tools
Swift is a Complete Business Phone with built-in Collaboration Tools

Swift combines the features of a wide range of other services, including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, ZenDesk and Vidyo. In addition to this, you can benefit from a large choice of hardware offerings, from phone handsets with in-built video functionality to wireless headsets and conference room technology.

For example, on a comparison between Swift and Zoom in terms of features, Swift is much richer and affordable. Swift not only offers tools such as internal and external video conferencing, screen sharing and mobile capabilities, but also an enterprise-grade phone system as standard, full integration with your CRM software and a choice of hardware, all delivered under a simple, per-user subscription with no upfront costs.

In the other hand, Zoom only offers a basic video conferencing service with limited and expensive add-ons. Using Zoom poses enormous problems for businesses and individuals alike because Zoom does very little to keep you safe from cyber threats. In fact, it even does a whole lot to make you more exposed to them. Zoom does not provide the degree of end-to-end encryption it promises and viruses can use it as a way to record you without your knowledge. Meanwhile, with Swift, these vulnerabilities are effectively non-existent.

Choosing Swift means you’ll never again face the prospect of having to choose between different offerings in order to prioritise the features that will be most useful to you or have to shell out extra expenditure to gain access to a key piece of functionality that isn’t available on your preferred communications technology.

Simplifying how many Apps you use

Aside from the cost benefits, adopting Swift for your communication and collaboration needs also removes a huge amount of complexity from your operations. You’ll no longer have to manage deployment, maintenance and updates for multiple different solutions, or worry about whether the tools you’re using will be compatible across all your devices or how you’ll maintain continuity when switching from one platform to another.

To ensure small businesses can take full advantage of this, we’ve also worked to ensure that Swift is as simple as possible to roll out throughout your business, whether at your main location, at satellite offices or to remote workers either at home or in the field.

You don’t need an in-house IT expertise to get up-and-running with Swift. In fact, it can be deployed using a simple five-clicks process that can get your employees set up in instants. And once you’ve done this, all the management and maintenance can be handled from a single interface, which is accessible from anywhere.

At a time when communications and collaboration systems are a vital part of any business, being able to access high-quality features without the complexity or large-scale investment will be essential in keeping employees and customers connected. Swift allows small firms to do this easily and ensure they’re well-placed for today’s more flexible, digital working environment.

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