Some 98 per cent of business leaders said they see great potential in data and connectivity and strongly believe it has the ability to contribute to a sustainable future, according to a new survey by Wipro.

However, just half of those companies use this information and connectivity to support these efforts. The report recommends a number of activities for businesses to close the gap between awareness and action.

The report, entitled ‘Vision 2030: A connected future’, highlights the opportunities that experts and business leaders see for data and connectivity in creating a sustainable future. It has been jointly developed with Forum for the Future, an international sustainability non-profit organisation.

It outlines a future vision for connectivity driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as highlighting the barriers that need to be overcome.

Jayraj Nair, vice president and global head of IoT at Wipro Limited, said: “IoT, data and connectivity are changing the way we live and work – disrupting industries and reshaping the social landscape.

“To ensure these advances have a positive impact on the future, grow our economies and drive sustainable efforts, we must successfully and efficiently harness these technologies.”

The report suggests that businesses make use of open data infrastructures, explaining that platforms offering access to different kinds of data are essential to enable better data flows and collaboration, as well as data integration and more meaningful analysis.

Wipro also recommends cross-departmental collaboration as well as tracking for transparency, saying that new data monitoring technologies and distributed databases can increase the reliability of data flows. According to the report, this leads to increased digital trust, robust decision-making and transparent supply chains.

However, in order to achieve this future, the report said business leaders have to overcome the barriers to the IoT, data and connectivity. The researchers said these obstacles include security risks, as well as the digital divide, as access to technology and data skills “are not being shared equally between demographics and geographies”.

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