Some 90 per cent of consumers believe that security should be incorporated in the Internet of Things (IoT) tools, a new study has found.

Research from Irdeto discovered that 90 per cent of consumers expect security to pre-exist within their IoT devices, but questions continue regarding who should be held accountable for implementing the technology.

The findings identified that 15 per cent of consumers believe they should be held responsible for introducing the security measures, while 20 per cent argue that it should be left to manufacturers.

However, the largest percentage of respondents (56 per cent) believe both the consumer and manufacturer should share the workload, suggesting that a collaborative approach would be the most popular. 

Mark Hearn, director of IoT security at Irdeto, said: “While consumers across the globe believe that IoT devices need to have security manufactured into the product in order to prevent against cyberattacks, it’s encouraging that they also recognize the important role they play in IoT security,”

Mr Hearn went on to say that the modern world must be vigilant against security threats, calling for a stronger “defence-in-depth” approach that includes several layers within the same system.

Some 78 per cent of those surveyed said they are aware any smart device connected to Wi-Fi could be attacked by a hacker and potentially lead to a cyber attack. 

Among millennials, 72 per cent were aware of the security threats posed to connected devices, with this figure rising to 82 per cent among consumers aged 55 or over.

The survey identified that 89 per cent of respondents have one connected device in their home, while 81 per cent own more than one. Out of the six countries assessed, India has the highest percentage of IoT users (97 per cent), while the US has the fewest (80 per cent). 

What’s more, the findings show that the typical number of connected devices in homes worldwide is around four. 

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