The emergence of 5G is one of the most-hyped innovations in the tech world in years, and there are good reasons for this. The technology represents a major change in how businesses and consumers connect when on the move, promises to transform mobile connectivity and offer far more than just faster data download speeds.

Indeed, 5G is expected to have an impact on almost every sector of the economy, with a wide range of potential use cases already being put into action. Here are five of the sectors poised to see big benefits as a result of the new mobile revolution.

1. Transport

The transport sector is an area that stands to see a major revolution as the result of 5G connectivity. For instance, 5G could be incorporated into traffic control systems to ease congestion and improve safety, as well as communicate directly with vehicles to alert them to any dangers on the road ahead. In the longer-term, autonomous cars that can communicate directly with each other via 5G will generate a wide range of data that can be used to boost the safety and efficiency of the country’s road networks.

2. Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, 5G is poised to usher in a new era that can make it much easier for medical professionals to monitor the health of patients remotely. As well as enabling the use of more devices and sensors that can keep track of key data within a hospital setting, it could also revolutionise telemedicine.

This would allow for consultations to be carried out over video link more reliably – which could be vital for those living in more remote areas. With patients able to connect with GPs and other healthcare professionals remotely on any device, from a desktop PC to a smartphone or smart TV, this can ensure individuals who may have difficulty getting to a surgery can enjoy the same high quality of care from their home.

3. Entertainment and event spaces

One of the big advantages of 5G compared to 4G will be the increased capacity it offers, which will be invaluable in crowded spaces such as conference halls, sports stadiums and concert venues. This could therefore give attendees a wide range of new options to interact with the occasion without worrying about slowdowns and bottlenecks on the network. 

Elsewhere, it could also make 4K or virtual reality (VR) live streaming of events a much more practical proposition, as there are fewer bandwidth limitations than existing working solutions.

4. Energy 

Making energy networks as efficient as possible will be a top priority in the coming years, both for utilities firms and building operators. Therefore, 5G stands well-placed to assist with this by enabling a range of smart Internet of Things sensors that can deliver data on the performance of energy networks in real-time, identifying potential faults before they occur and more reliably predicting increases in demand. 

This can allow energy suppliers to reduce downtime and better optimise their networks to deliver energy exactly when needed and reduce usage in periods of low demand – such as by dimming lights when there is no-one present.

5. Education

Faster mobile technology can also be used to overhaul how the education sector operates. On a basic level, it can be used in schools and universities to improve access to online resources and support more flexible learning scenarios, ensuring that all students can get online quickly and reliably and learn in the way that best suits them, as well as allowing teachers to download high-quality video materials. 

However, its benefits don’t stop there, as it can also be used in enterprises to train new employees and allow them to practice their roles using tools such as VR, thanks to its fast data transfer speeds that allow systems to cope with changing scenarios and simulate any situation in real time.

These are just a few of the potential applications for 5G in the years ahead. The expectations are that this mobile technology will impact on almost every business in one way or another, so firms need to start planning now if they aim to make the most of it.

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