4MS Network Solutions is an IP Communications and network services business. Established in 2007, the company has a proven track record for full lifecycle IP communications project services and operational support services.

The Challenge

4MS were looking to form a partnership with a company capable of helping deliver connectivity services to its growing corporate client base of multi-national energy companies.

They were looking for a partner capable of a collaborative approach, with expert industry knowledge and a sound understanding of 4MS, as well as Cisco products and services. In addition, it was key that the partner had extensive experience of the UK carrier market and the associated connectivity products.

Full service management and billing

Arrow was positioned as the perfect partner to 4MS, providing a full service management and billing solution. This enabled 4MS to deliver network services seamlessly to their clients, and incorporate connectivity as part of specific projects.

A close working relationship developed rapidly, and 4MS was able to leverage Arrow’s network of relationships to save significant time and money during the initial start-up phase of the service offering partnership. In short, they were able to get to market quickly and with a high quality service from day one.

The nature of Arrow’s business has also seen a number of Cisco opportunities develop with our customers and we have worked closely with 4MS to design and deliver these.

A very successful partnership

The partnership is considered a resounding success, with both companies hailing it mutually beneficial. It has enabled them to deliver connectivity, both voice and data, to a number of large corporate clients, and projects.

Orca was acquired by Arrow in 2015 and the original team is still in place, providing local support to 4MS for integrated telecom solutions. They serve as an extension to the 4MS team, actively managing every aspect of 4MS’ client communications and they have so far delivered landline, data and mobile services to thousands of users on 4MS’ behalf.

The acquisition has also meant that 4MS’ customers can benefit from Arrow’s wealth of resources and expertise with enhanced support and access to a broader range of services.


Director at 4MS says, “Our partnership with Arrow has allowed 4MS Networks to broaden our solutions portfolio and grow even closer to our customers. Their commitment to first class service matches well with ours and we have found the team to be technically knowledgeable, very personable and above all, completely dependable. Our brand and reputation in a competitive market is paramount, so it is critical for us that any partnerships maintain and enhance that, which we feel Arrow does, and it works the same in reverse when we deliver Cisco solutions on their behalf.”

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