Digital broadband connectivity is the backbone of every business operating today. But not all broadband connections are alike. 

Most connections in the UK – even those advertised as ‘fibre’ – still rely on old-fashioned copper wire to actually reach the end-user and this brings with it a host of issues, such as slower speeds and poorer reliability.

However, there is an alternative. Full fibre-to-the-premises broadband can provide your company with lightning-fast gigabit speeds and it’s easier than you might think to secure such a connection.

But does your firm really need this technology? The answer is almost certainly yes, and it’s not just about faster speeds. Here are four key reasons why any company stands to benefit from a gigabit broadband connection.

1. Speed

The most obvious difference between gigabit broadband and regular offerings is the headline speed. Gigabit speeds (up to 1,000Mbps) offer services up to 20 times faster than the UK’s average download speed – and this can completely transform what you can do.

Gigabit broadband speed internet

If you need to download 10GB of files from a cloud server, for example, you’d be waiting around for nearly an hour with a 30Mbps connection. But a gigabit line will download this amount of data in under 90 seconds. As the amount of data businesses have to deal with is growing all the time, that’s a huge difference. This enables you to access any digital service, from advanced cloud processing to video referencing, without worrying about lengthy waits or buffering.

2. Reliability

Reliability and consistency are also hugely improved through the use of gigabit broadband. This is because you’ll get a dedicated line to your business that is reserved solely for your use. This means no sharing of services with other users and, therefore, no bottlenecks and slowdowns at peak times as multiple users contest limited bandwidth.

As the technology uses fibre-optic cabling throughout, it’s also less prone to failures than systems that still use copper for the last mile, so you can also have the peace of mind that your network is far less likely to fail and leave you unable to access key services at the worst possible time. 

3. Latency

Another essential benefit of gigabit broadband is latency, or the total time taken for a piece of data to travel from its source to its destination. Gigabit broadband offers much lower latency than other options, meaning delays in responding to changing situations can be greatly reduced.

As more companies depend on real-time information such as sensor data to function effectively, poor latency can be the difference between success and failure. When milliseconds count, outdated connectivity can prevent companies from reaching their full potential.

4. Symmetry

Most broadband offerings tend to focus solely on download speeds in their marketing. And there are good reasons for this, as fast downloads are essential for every business. But these don’t tell the whole story. For many businesses, uploads are just as important, if not more so. But on standard broadband connections, upload speeds are often disappointing.

That’s because most connections are asymmetric – their download speeds and upload speeds aren’t the same. Typically, this might mean that if you have a 30Mbps download speeds – what the government defines as ‘superfast’ – your upload speed may be as slow as 2Mbps. If you want to use cloud storage or send large files to customers, this is clearly not good enough.

But with gigabit broadband, you enjoy symmetric connections, where there is no difference between download and upload speeds. This ensures you can send huge files as well as receive them in the blink of an eye, opening up even more possibilities for transforming your business.

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Want to know more about what gigabit broadband could do for you? Download our white paper and find out if you’re eligible for a government voucher to help you secure this technology.

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