Business users ‘should password protect’ smartphones

Smartphone users should add a password to their device photo

The increasing use of smartphones for business purposes means people are carrying a great deal of sensitive information around with them, which could prove disastrous if the device ended up in the wrong hands.

This is why it is crucial for smartphone users to set up a password on their mobile phone.

Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online and member of e-Crime Wales Steering Group, said it is a matter of treating all devices equally.

He explained that mobile phones are very personal to the user, with people rarely more than a foot away from their smartphone, which can lead some people to think they are "invulnerable".

However, he said: "They are just as vulnerable as any other pieces piece of electronic or computerised equipment."

Therefore, adding a password is crucial, particularly for business users, as it adds an extra layer of protection should a device be misplaced when away from the office.

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